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Past Incidents

9th March 2019

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8th March 2019

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7th March 2019

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6th March 2019

Northdale Northdale Down

Hey guys,

As you've likely seen, the server is crashing continuously due to some cuck russian kid crashing the server on purpose. He's demanding money to stop. We're obviously not going to pay ransom money to some ass that's crashing our server. Never pay ransom money, it encourages assholes like this to continue with their disruptive behavior.

This project is run by volunteers and none of us get paid for any of our work. This also means that we can only contribute so much of our free time to the project. Unfortunately both of our developers have been very busy with their normal day to day life and haven't had a whole lot of time to look into the issues yet.

We're slightly aware of what is causing the crashes we're facing and I'm confident that our developers will be able to fix this issue once they sit down and take a proper look at our core dumps and logs, it just takes some time to pinpoint exactly what's causing the crashes. There's are some negative side effects as a result of the server crashing so often, as a result of this, we will be keeping the realm offline for the next 16-24 hours.

The whole team is really sorry for the downtime and crashes, we've been running the server with good uptime without any issues for a long time now, but some assholes always have to ruin the fun.

More information will come later.

TLDR: Northdale offline for next 16-24 hours.

Update: Fix has been applied, Northdale is back online.

5th March 2019

No incidents reported

4th March 2019

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3rd March 2019

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